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Roger Friedenthal, M.D.
1 Daniel Burnham Court
San Francisco, CA 94109

Public Transportation

The building is centrally located for public transportation on Van Avenue between Post Street and Sutter Street. Both the #2 Clement and #3 Jackson stop adjacent to the building on Post and Sutter Streets. The #47 Van Ness and the #49 Van Ness/Mission stop adjacent to the building on Van Ness Avenue. The #38 Geary and #38L Geary Limited stop one or two blocks away.

Muni Transit Map and Trip Planner:

SF Muni Downtown Map

SF Muni Transit Home Page

SF Muni Trip Planner

Transit Route Descriptions and Route Maps:

#2 Clement Route Description and Map

#3 Jackson Route Description and Map

#47 Van Ness Route Description and Map

#49 Van Ness/Mission Route Description and Map

#38 and #38L Geary Route Description and Map