Face Lift

Facial aging is progressive, but it can become disturbing. Patients seeking facial rejuvenation will frequently say that they no longer recognize themselves in recent photos or that they avoid looking at themselves as they pass a mirror or window because it no longer looks like them. When what we see in our reflection no longer matches the way we see ourselves, we are clearly looking older than we feel. Properly diagnosed issues and corrective procedures can help to make us look as good as we feel and return to a more youthful and rested appearance.

We work with our patients to assist them in choosing appropriate surgery that emphasizes a return to a more youthful and natural appearance. At the same time it is crucial that the patient have a realistic attitude about what can be attained with plastic surgery.

How does one achieve a natural appearance? It is, of course, vitally important to avoid over tightening. Patients will ask for a “conservative” face lift or mention that they want to avoid a “wind swept look.” What is not so widely known is the vital importance of the restoration of facial contour to avoid flattening.

The neck area can be sculptured. A graceful appearance is desired, but without an over correction. The cheeks and central face area are quite another matter. You do not want tightness; tight is flat, just as in making a bed. You want a natural fullness. The area around the cheekbones initially carries the fullness of youth while the jaw line is slimmer, giving the face a more triangular or oval appearance. With the passage of time and aging, these full tissues slip down underneath the cover of the overlying skin, creating jowls that distort the jaw line and parentheses that frame the mouth. This reverses the arrangement of the facial tissues, giving the face a more bottom heavy appearance. It is the repositioning of this tissue underneath the skin, not the tightening of the skin, which restores the youthful appearance of the face.

The links below provide authoritative sources for additional information on face lift surgery. There is a lot of information here, and it is reliable. Please contact our office for any further information and assistance. You can email Dr. Friedenthal at drfriedenthal.com or phone him at 1-415-752-2066 for further information and assistance.

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